Green Agrarian Party Founded, Communists No More


Today saw the creation and later union of two new political factions in Gradonia: The Social Greens and Farmers’ Union.

This morning the Communist Party Convention voted to reform ahead of the upcoming Provincial Election. The party, which had shifted more toward the center in recent months, voted to become the Social Green Party. The party leader before and after the change, Luis Medina, was noted to be the only member who did not vote in support, but abstained. The Greens were socially and economically center-left with primarily Ecologist traits.

Logo of the Social Greens

The Farmers’ Union was created by former Federalist Elector for Edderton, Grant Johnston, who was unsatisfied with the lack of political focus on the ‘working man’ citing Federalist and Communist policy on expansion of industry and a lack of protection for farmers. The party had four members and was socially center with an emphasis on Agrarian Georgism.

Logo of the Farmers’ Union

This afternoon, however, the leaders of both parties met to discuss the possibility of a merger. According to Mr. Johnston, the only demand from the Greens was to maintain pro-republican policy and resist monarchist expansion. The merger was later agreed to and unanimously supported by both parties. Currently the Green Agrarians hold four seats in the House of Electors.

Logo of the Green Agrarians

Empire of the North Sea founded

Earlier today, King (now Emperor) Thomas I of Hrafnarfjal made an announcement:

To All Who Read this, Greetings!

By my right under Leges Konungrum (The Law of Kings), I do hereby declare my accession to the throne of the North Sea Empire, and as of this date the 18th Day of July in the Year 2019, I do hereby declare the Empire formed.

Furthermore, I do hereby announce the formation of the Imperial titles of:
King of the North Sea
King of the South Sea
King of the East Sea
King of the West Sea
Duke of Helluland
Duke of Markland
Protector of Vinland
Jarl of Bjarneyjar

I hereby claim King of the North Sea, Duke of Helluland, Duke of Markland and Protector of Vinland. All other titles will be held in abeyance until such time as the Imperial Throne sees fit to award them.

This be my will,
Emperor Thomas I, King of Hrafnarfjall, King of the North Sea, Duke Ulfbol, Duke of Helluland, Duke of Markland, Protector of Vinland, Baron of Atovia &c”

This newly formed empire currently consists of two states, the Kingdoms of Hrafnarfjal and Senland, a former Gradonian colony.

Glorious overthrow of the Bourgeois Tyrant!

Today, under the guidance of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, the Gradonian monarchy has been overthrown. The actions by the Gradonian Revolutionary Guard led to the capture of the tyrant William I. He later, through complete cooperation and of his own free will, surrendered all executive and legislative power to President Medina and dissolved the bourgeois legislature which was responsible for the cause of the COVID-19 virus, as confirmed by top Gradonian epidemiologists.

The former king, by the guidance of a revolutionary guard member, formally renamed our glorious nation to the Gradonian Union of the People’s Revolutionary Soviet Democratic Socialist Republics (GUPRSDSR). The first action of the new President was declaring the position to be held for-life. Additionally, as explained by the new leader to prevent counter-revolution, the items stored by the Gradonian Natural History Museum (including the Numismatic Collection formerly owned by the Royal family) were declared “public properties for management and use by private individuals”. When asked about the basis of preventing ‘counter-revolution’ before entering the grounds of the Museum, President Medina replied:

I have essentially created the most preferable system of government for the remaining bourgeoisie: kleptocracy. They will be too busy attempting to maintain these new public properties for their fellow misers. Additionally, they cannot complain that I am ignoring the human nature for competition and the idea of social Darwinism, those who have greater speed and capacity to acquire items will have an advantage.

President-for-Life Luis Medina, with his burlap sack.
Flag of the GUPRSDSR

While the Judicial branch remains unaltered and the legislature has been abolished, the cabinet has seen one notable change. The Ministry of Justice has been formed, headed by Elector for Cedarburg Mark Jameson. The order creating the Ministry (Directive 02), states the purpose of the Ministry is: “…to provide for the common domestic defense of the integrity of the Gradonian state and of the people…and to pursue and enforce the equality of each Gradonian in every metric”. The first program issued by Minister Jameson is ‘Direction Effemination and Emasculation’, which aims to create “an equal amount of Tomboys and Femboys within the Gradonian population”. Currently the project has already received two major setbacks due to the lack of certified practitioners in Gradonia and the Ministry does “…not have the required funding for Testosterone and Estrogen injections, as well as French maid costumes”.

Concerning Absence and Inactivity

Dearest people I know,

For the past number of days, you may have taken note of the lack of activities among the members of the Cabinet and, in general, the government as a whole. This, I must confess to you, was an intentional act to mask the state of my personal condition. Since approximately the twenty-eighth of January I have been infected with Coronavirus.

Since the first of February, when I began showing symptoms and submitted myself for testing, members of the government, foreign dignitaries of nations Gradonia is closest to, and those who I had been in contact with since the approximated time of infection have been aware of my condition. However, besides my family and those others who cared for me, no one fully knew the measure. For the six days following the ninth, my situation had regressed to a severe case which required professional medical attention.

Fortunately, my situation has progressed enough to return home and resume work from my room. However, with this most recent bout of winter weather it was my regret I could not be with you. While I have been assured of your comfort and lack of misfortunes, I wish that I could have been with you to assist those who were less fortunate.

I am sorry for my omission and for having the government with you have put trust into take part in it. I must send my best to your loyalty and continued steadfastness in my absence and the struggles which have been brought upon us since. To my cabinet, my fellow Consul, and aides I commend your trust in me and your readiness to take up the burden of my absence. You all are indeed blessed by God with your plentiful virtues and scarce vices.

I hope to return to my duties in full in the next several days. Until then, I call on you to hold to the trust and courage you have displayed when you were unknowing of my condition.

Thank you and I wish you the best,

His Majesty William I

Office of the Royal Household releases King William’s first Birthday Honors lists

At 9:00 a.m. (CT) this morning, the Office of the Royal Household released three documents relating to each of the chivalric orders of Gradonia. While birthday celebrations will not begin until 8:00 p.m. it seems that the gift-giving has already begun.

The Order of Charlington, the Gilded Rose, and William I, each bestowed 3, 15, and 18 awards, respectively, totaling to 36 grants overall.

The Charlington, Gilded Rose, and William I honor lists can be read here.

A Letter from the King

His Serene and Royal Majesty, William I
King in Gradonia,

As many of you read this, either as a physical copy or electronic, serious changes are occurring within our government. As all of you are participants in these changes, I felt everyone has the privilege to know what is going on just as much as the architects of the aforementioned changes do.

The first and, in my opinion, most influential change is to the election cycle. It has been more than a year since the passing of the Council of Electors Act, and eight months since its amendment. In the Act, it stated that the first election was to happen on the twenty-first of March and the next election would take place six months after that. September twenty-first came and passed and there was no election. Some have placed their blame for this onto an imagined fear or timidity on my behalf. Some have accused their fellow Electors of lethargy and incompetence. Others have, to my personal disappointment, blamed the creation of a popular legislature itself for the lack of an election. Because of this, I will be holding an emergency session of the Konlichstag on the twenty-fourth of this month to debate the solution to the conundrum we find ourselves in. With that said, any solution which includes the abolition of the Council of Electors will be met with my personal opposition.

The next change will include a far more personal effect. I will be working with both houses of the legislature to entertain the idea of ‘activity checks’. As many other unrecognized states have done, these checks are used to preserve an active and engaged population. A crucible of activity, if you will. A means to eliminate the disadvantageous elements, while retaining those who are beneficial. Some claim this is a radical solution to a non-issue. The argument being that our community accepts all of those who wish to be members, regardless of their contributions. The basis for that argument is something I understand, but disagree with. We must continue our experiment with the goal to be able to create a community which is able to sustain both groups of people which contribute and those who do not.

The final change is one which the eagle-eyed may have spotted at the heading of this letter. My style has been changed to reflect the status of my place in the Gradonian political sphere. As of my writing this, I am uncrowned. I sit upon the throne, discharge my duties as per my election, and represent our nation, peoples, and cultures on the international stage. Because of this, I have changed by style to reflect my status: the King in Gradonia. Without a crown, a fancy gilded piece of headwear associated with a certain illustrious, perhaps even majestic, prestige; without all of your presence for a ceremony of paramount importance, I cannot claim to be King of Gradonia. I shall continue to serve you and my God with the same determination and fealty as before. However, this shall come to be as it was during the first year of my reign. Following this Christmas and before the election this coming spring, there shall be the ceremony of coronation to which you all shall be invited. At the end of said ceremony, I shall be again the King of Gradonia.

Great tidings and wishes of good health, to the people of the Kingdom of Gradonia.

Tensions rise concerning ‘re-opening’ Gradonia

Earlier today, a bipartisan petition from the Federalists and Communists was submitted to the king demanding “steps be taken immediately” to re-open the country. Following the petition, the press secretary of the Communist party criticize the lack of a response from the king.

First paragraph of the petition.

The Federalist party, while remaining mum concerning the decolonization movement, has spoken up about the prolonged closure. President of the party, Mason Elliott, told the Press on 20 May:

“[The king] needs to open Gradonia back up soon, he has basically assumed absolute power and we can’t even physically help the economy. Of course we have safety at the top of our concerns, but the state Gradonia is surrounded by, Texas, has opened up a bit and nothing has gotten majorly worse…”

Mason Elliott

The Communist party, however, has adopted the slogan “Not President Wilson again“. This is a call to when the king served as the president from 2018 to mid-2019. The Communist party claims that the king has again assumed an authoritarian stance and has effectively turned Gradonia back into an authoritarian state. This also leads into the party’s insistence that the next president of Gradonia, who serves as head of the Council of Electors, be elected at the next session of the Council.

The king has yet to reply to the petition, but members of the Konlichstag claim that the king has been focusing on the situation in Austenasia and has yet to see the petition.

Communist Party calls for Decolonization

As Gradonia remains in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Communist party has been making moves to eliminate antiquated systems and holdings of Gradonia. Recently, the greatest push is being made against Gradonian colonial policy.

Gradonia has historically had ties to colonialism and monarchy. The oldest colony, Jackson, was established during Gradonia’s time in the Imperium Americana, a confederation of nations lasting from autumn 2018 to spring 2019. The only other colony, Francia, which was a former state of the Imperium, was established in the wake of the creation of the monarchist movement.

President of the Communist party, Luis Medina, who also serves as an Elector for Willvian, has been maintaining social distancing while advocating for change as reported my the Communist party press secretary. Mr Medina has also contacted the Charlington Press on the issue.

Official Portrait of Mr. Medina

“It’s not just an ideological opposition to the system, it is also pragmatic. The colony of Jackson was only founded during the ‘war'[sic] with the Republic of Bolson while we were under the Imperium to propagandize our military might. Francia was the result of an unfortunate lack of leadership and a misplaced trust in the formerly President. Both colonies are the result of expansionism and have suffered a lack of development since their establishment. Our government cannot continue to hold onto distant relics of the past which no longer do us any good.

Luis Medina

In mid-April, the Communist party created an online poll to establish the public opinion on the issue. The Federalist party criticized the creation of the poll on the grounds that the active participants in government should focus on policy concerning COVID-19.

The results of the poll (shown above), show 58.3% support for decolonization. The Federalist party has accused the poll results of being faulty, claiming voter suppression due to many Gradonians reporting to having been notified of the poll. As of yet, the Federalist party has not stated any official stance on the issue of decolonization, only that current debates on policy should focus on COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Micronationalism

With case numbers stabilizing, self isolation becoming evermore common, and the international governments of the world entering an evermore desperate position; a question not often asked is “how is the virus effecting members of the micronational community”?

To find the answer to this, one needs only to look at MicroWiki, where a majority of day-to-day operations occur. With travel plans being halted, one of the only ways micronationalists have found to be able to communicate with each other is through the wiki and the forums/Discord servers it provides.

But communication isn’t the only thing being effected by the outbreak, multiple states have echoed the decisions of larger countries by instituting restrictions of their own. In Austenasia for example, multiple individual territories and Crown Dependencies have enacted legislation prohibiting travel outside of the area as well as denying individuals from infected nations entry.

Now as the coronavirus epidemic begins to wind down, micronational leaders must prepare for the long-term and one can only wonder what will become of the online community once quarantine is lifted across the globe.

Results of the Election

It has been two weeks since the first Gradonian Provincial election and things are interesting.

The Monarchist party held the strongest win of the election with an Elector for each province. The Federalist and Communist parties tying with three Electors each. Shortly before the election the Monarchists and Federalists formed a coalition to ensure a council majority.

Election results

  • Aaron Smith (M) Cedarnia
  • Mark Jameson (C) Cedarnia
  • Samuel Garner (M) Cookan
  • Daniel Brooks (C) Cookan
  • Brenden Wheeler (M) Edderton
  • Grant Johnston (F) Edderton
  • Andrew Elmore (M) Haynio
  • Mason Elliott (F) Haynio
  • Allan Green (M) New Hesse
  • Anna Srodkaski (F) New Hesse
  • Benjamin Cerny (M) Willvian
  • Luis Medina (C) Willvian

Gradonia supports local Cattle Show

Recently the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was shut down due to fears amid the Coronavirus pandemic reported all over the world. Because of the recent actions of the Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, many Texans and Gradonians have answered the call by having an independent show in Edge, Texas, approximately two miles from Charlington and Nahona, Austenasia. For the past several hours, I have been interviewing exhibitors and event organizers, most notably Mr. Brian Rogers.

In the short time I was reporting and interviewing, almost 150 independent showmen and educational agriculture groups signed up to compete. While the numbers seen from the sign-ups at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HSLR) may dwarf these attendees, Mr. Rogers expects “…about two-to-three hundred more…by this afternoon”.  The independent “BTHO (beat the hell outta) Coronavirus” show was first proposed shortly after the announcement to shut down the HLSR amid fears that many student showmen would not be eligible to further compete and meet the requirements for agricultural scholarships. Shortly after a post was made on Facebook which shortly gained over 21,000 collective shares and reshares.

Along with the massive publicity, the local cities of Franklin, Hearne, Bryan, and College Station have seen companies donate thousands of dollars in prizes, utilities, food, and advertisement. There have also been some international donations from Canadian and Australian cattle breeders and ranchers. The money donated for the event is “…all going to the kids, every cent made on our [ranch] it’s going to the kids showing out there”, says Mr. Rogers, “…and we can’t thank the judges enough who have all volunteered to officiate this event so these [kids] can do what they love”.

Shortly after arriving, the royal family, among members of the nobility, began unloading their livestock and assisting with event managers to provide directions for the incoming exhibitors. During this time, the Dukes of Cedarburg and Haynio requested an emergency session of the Konlichstag. At 10:43 a.m. local time, the session was called with 13 of the 19 members in attendance. The first order of business was to donate 2% of the Royal coffers, or about $50, to the event. At 11:00 a.m. the votes were unanimous ‘yeas’ and assent from the king. The second order of business was to begin advertisement efforts to gain donations from the micronational community. The motion was amended to include both advertisement for BTHO Coronavirus and the Global Giving Coronavirus charity fund. At 11:12 a.m. the motion passed and was granted assent.

King William I in his ‘cowboy’ attire at the event

During the event the king released several statements regarding the impact of CONVID-19:

“We are all gathered here because of a legitimate fear, and perhaps the electoral paranoia of a politician. I support [Mr. Turner]’s intent: to keep more people from becoming sick. What I cannot support is putting thousands of young people’s futures in education into jeopardy.  Many [high school] seniors, a few among our nobility, depend on the Houston Livestock show as a means to gain money, scholarships, as well as business and social experience. It is with a gratitude second only to God, that I praise the efforts of Mr. Rogers and all the other organizers for their efforts. This may not be Houston, but it damn near feels like it”.

Shortly before the first Hereford show.

As well as:

“…my Lord Peers, it is during this time that we must continue efforts to fight and aid those fighting the virally[sic] scourge our world faces. With the elections drawing near, I must ask each of you your support in such a trying time: one government for the benefit of our people”.

In the Konlichstag